Training & Development Workshops For The
Whole Employee

Empower your teams with resources and support they need to thrive, grow their careers, and lead the modern workforce.


WRK/360° virtual workshops provide resources and tools to support the whole employee and to achieve their personal and professional goals. 

We specialize in building empathetic leadership for mid-level managers and understand their challenge to care and support themselves personally and professionally while also supporting and caring for their teams.

All WRK/360 training sessions are tailored to each organization and utilize collaborative tools that create an interactive and immersive virtual experience.

Workshops for Cultures that Care

Some of our most common trainings include:

360° Balance

Stop Powering Through And Build Strategies To Build Your Version Of Balance

Result: Employees will recognize and prevent burnout, enhance productivity, and create and maintain boundaries to achieve work/life balance.

360° Time Management

Show Employees That A Culture That Cares Values Their Time

Result: Employees of all levels get more done in less time by learning tools to assess efficiencies, set boundaries, and increase communication.

360° Career Strategy

Create A Career & Life Integration Strategy To Make Work, Work For You

Result: Employees will discover their personal & professional goals and how it impacts their career and priorities to build a path that works.

360° Care Culture

Understand How Caregiver Bias Impacts Team Culture and Holds Women Back

Result: Leaders will learn simple changes to model and tactical ways to increase empathetic leadership to create a team culture that cares.

360° Flexibility

Improve Communications & Boundaries To Make Flexible Work Workable For You & Your Team

Result: Leaders and/or ICs learn what flexibility means and how to improve communication and productivity to achieve stronger results and trust.

360° Leading with Empathy

Leadership Skills To Build Empathy & Support For The “Whole” Employee

Result: Leaders develop strengths to maximize talent while fostering trust and understanding employees’ personal and professional goals.

Modern Management Series

Managers today must support the whole employee, yet they often don’t have the tools, training, and support they need. Utilizing WRK/360’s proprietary Modern Manager Method, we customize a training series that fits the needs of your organization to prepare managers to lead now and into the future. They will learn the ins and outs of what employees really want and need. They will also deepen their understanding of the importance of empathy, trust, building relationships, and what it takes to manage the whole employee. They will develop skills and protocols to coach their teams to be productive and successful. This series is most impactful when executed alongside employee workshops.

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