Support for career-minded working parents.

Personalized or On-Demand.
Coaching and Resources for expecting, new, and all working parents.

Working Parents & Caregivers

Empowering working parents and caregivers to achieve their professional goals is at the heart of WRK/360’s mission and a critical element to creating a workplace culture that cares. 

WRK/360 provides direct support to the working parents and caregivers who represent over 40% of the workforce and are often a high potential yet overlooked employee population.

Employee Resource Groups

Build a strategy & launch a new Parent/Caregiver or Women ERG. Signature workshops and programming for existing ERGs.


  • Increase physiological safety and space to share resources, support and dialog.
  • Partner with business leaders on more inclusive talent strategy and career growth for all.
  • Align with business leaders on company goals and values.
  • Enable a collective VOE to provide feedback and recommendations for changes.
Integrated Coaching

WRK/360 professional coaches are trained to support employees to thrive and lead through significant changes personally and professionally.


  • Increase resiliency and productivity
  • Ease the transition planning for parental leave & returning to work
  • Reduce stress levels and guilt
  • Better manage the “second shift”
  • Promote ambition and career growth
  • Office Hours, Group Coaching, or Targeted 1:1 available
50+ FREE On-Demand Courses

WRK/360’s 50+ micro courses are short 3-8 minute trainings to navigate work/life challenges and free for all working parents.

Core Topics

  • Planning for leave & returning to work
  • Preparations for home & childcare
  • Breastfeeding, pumping & travel
  • Career growth & goals as a working parent
  • Managing personal and professional goals as a dual-career couple
  • Building an ongoing career and family strategy and getting the right support at work & home

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