A Culture That Cares Supports Working Parents

Education. Community. Support.
Coaching & Resources For
Planning, Expecting, New, & All Working Parents

Equity At Work, Equity At Home.

Empowering working parents and caregivers to achieve their professional & personal goals is at the heart of WRK/360’s mission and a critical element to creating a workplace culture that cares. Work and home have always been inextricably linked so our programs address both!

Working parents and caregivers represent over 40% of the workforce. Parents and caregivers often lack support from their leaders and their unique challenges are often left unaddressed. As a result over 50% of working parents expect to quit their jobs in the next year.

WRK/360’s Parent Programs blend education, community, and personalized support to increase engagement, retention, and career mobility. In addition, all of our programs are powered by certified Fair Play Method Professional Coaches.

360° Parents Program

Education. Community. Support Powered By WRK/360.


  • WRK/360 Certified Coaches
  • Fair Play Method Faciliators
  • Quarterly Education Workshops
  • Monthly Group Coaching
  • Parent & Caregiver Resources
    • Parental leave guides
    • Return to work guides
    • Partner communication
    • Career & family integration strategy
    • Professional and personal goal setting tools
  • 1:1 Coaching Available


  • Increase resiliency and productivity
  • Ease the transition planning for parental leave & returning to work
  • Reduce stress levels and guilt
  • Better manage the “second shift”
  • Promote ambition and career growth
360° Parent Peers

WRK/360 Trains Peer Leaders To Support Working Parents.


  • WRK/360 training for Peer Leaders
  • Option to train Peer Leaders in Fair Play Method Faciliation
  • Ongoing office hours for Peer Leaders with WRK/360 Certified Coaches
  • WRK/360 Peer Leader Resources
    • Creating A Care Culture
    • Discussion guides
    • Education materials
  • All WRK/360 parent resources & tools
  • WRK/360 led workshops available


  • Empower internal leaders and create lasting community to share resources, support, and dialog.
  • Peer leaders champion care culture
  • Create a culture that recognizes and supports care
360° Parents On Demand

Education On Demand. Unlimited Employee Access.


  • Drop In Group Coaching With WRK/360 Certified Coaches
  • WRK/360 Education Videos
  • Parent & Caregiver Resources

Core Topics

  • Planning for leave & returning to work
  • Preparations for home & childcare
  • Breastfeeding, pumping & travel
  • Career growth & goals as a working parent
  • Managing personal and professional goals as a dual-career couple
  • Building an ongoing career and family strategy and getting the right support at work & home

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