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WRK/360’s Parent & Caregiver Programs blend community through group coaching, personalized 1:1 coaching, and educational workshops to increase engagement, retention, and career mobility. In addition, all of our programs are powered by certified Fair Play Method Professional Coaches.

Group Coaching

Join a network of your peers who are working parents, expecting parents, and/or caregivers managing the juggle of caregiving and work right alongside you. With the guidance of a WRK/360 Coach, connect, share, and learn together with other members who understand that being a parent and/or caregiver doesn’t mean you want to give up on your professional ambition. Groups designed for new moms, new dads, parents at all stages, & family and elder caregivers.

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My cohort and program were fantastic. Really insightful! I spoke to my spouse about each session and implemented the advice. WRK/360 should be available for all employees with new additions!

New Mom, Global Sales Leader

I received genuine, experienced, and effective 1:1 coaching from WRK/360. We included my wife in a few of the sessions and that helped our family unit and relationship stronger. If there was a word to describe her approach, it is empathy.

Dad of 4, Head of Institutional Consulting & Private Wealth

Right away I felt like I was speaking with kindred spirits that could relate to all of the various challenges and emotions I've been dealing with.

Mom of 2, VP of Marketing

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I feel connected to people who understand. Most people in my organization don't have children and it's hard feeling the pressure of work, plus being a mom.

New Mom, Marketing Manager

1:1 Leadership Coaching

Led by WRK/360 Executive & Leadership Coaches, personalized support focuses on the intersection of managing a career across a lifetime of care. Whether employees are becoming a new parent for the first time, growing their families, or caring for loved ones, each person receives direct professional support from a leadership coach that recognizes that equity and opportunity in the home and at work are intrinsically tied together.

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Trainings & Workshops

Live monthly workshops and conversations led by WRK/360 coaches and/or our favorite experts on topics that matter to working parents & caregivers. Self directed training programs for new parents and managers planning for parental leave and return to work.

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Building a career & family strategy that works

Equity at work starts with equity in the home

Communication and boundaries to make flexible work, work

Understanding caregiver bias and how it holds women back

Managing parental leave and return to work

Leading with empathy

Parental Leave Guide

Return to Work Guides

Partner Communication Strategies

Managing personal & professional goals as a career couple

Manager discussion guides

Breastfeeding, pumping, and work travel

Juggling care disruptions

On Time & On Demand Resources

Access to over 50+ curated resources and videos (that are always 5 minutes or less!) to give managers, working parents and caregivers the information they need when they need it! Just in time, micro-nudges direct employees to the content that is aligned to their care and career journey.

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