WMN / WRK was founded on the belief that with the right resources, women can do anything. Finding the right help shouldn’t have to be so hard. But for many women, it’s an uphill battle. In 2016, WMN / WRK Founder Sienna Babb found herself in need of a lawyer. She had gone into work one day and discovered that her employer had hired a man to take her job. She would receive a title change, a paycut, and was told that if she didn’t like these changes, she could leave…with nothing. She questioned the legality of her employer’s actions and began the search for a good lawyer.

Sienna wanted someone with experience, and who actually cared about her situation. It didn’t seem like too much to ask. But as she sifted through online directories with countless names and law office listings, they seemed to only speak to a broad, indistinguishable audience. The attorneys she did manage to contact were either unresponsive, flat out dismissive, or requested large fees upfront. Through pure luck, she connected with an amazing attorney who got her through the worst career moment of her life. But the experience left a mark on her and inspired her to launch WMN Legal, a company with one simple mission: To give women a better, more efficient way to connect with trusted attorneys. Since then, WMN Legal has evolved into WMN WRK, with an expanded directory that includes finance professionals and healthcare providers nationwide.

About Sienna Babb, Founder

Prior to starting WMN / WRK, Sienna was a business development, strategy and operations executive for major corporations such as NBCUniversal, Activision and Sony, with a focus on building and launching digital businesses and products. She has an MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management and a B.S. from Cornell University.





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