Ambitious. Career-minded. Caregivers.

Creating cultures that care where women, working parents, caregivers, and ALL employees thrive personally and professionally.

Why WRK/360

Led by millennial women and mothers with 30+ years of experience, WRK/360 positions organizations to break the weak culture cycle that perpetuates burnout and caregiver stigma, costing organizations millions of dollars in turnover, lost productivity, and unused benefits.


25+ years of experience in HR leadership and corporate strategy, change and project management, T&D, and professional leadership coaching.


Combining strategy and process with a deep understanding of the state of caregiving and women in the workplace to transform cultures to care for their employees.


Models vulnerability to build trust demonstrating the power of empathetic leadership and a human touch.


Committed to change that is measurable, scalable, and sustainable through a deeply democratic process.

Meet our Team

Mary Beth Ferrante
Founder & Advisor

Mary Beth Ferrante is a mom of 2 and advocate for creating inclusive workplaces for parents. She is the Founder & Managing Director of WRK/360, a platform designed to create workplace cultures that care through scalable leadership development programs that promote flexible work, empathetic leadership, and breaking down parental bias. As a former SVP in the finance industry, she always valued growing her career and like so many other career-driven mamas, she was surprised to hit the Maternal Wall. Her own experience propelled her to dive deeper into maternal bias, to influence changes to workplace culture, and to advocate for a national paid leave policy. Her work has been featured in Forbes, Today, CNBC, Working Mother, FairyGodBoss, ScaryMommy, and more.

Photo of Mary Beth Ferrante

Karla Sebastian
Executive Assistant

As a marketing officer turned right-hand to CEOs, Karla has always been an advocate for culture change. Her cross-cultural experience (moving from the Philippines to the US) and being a military spouse has inspired her to support women who experience parental, racial and employer bias. During her free time, she likes to spend her time reading and spending time with her family. 

Certified Coaches

Tara Ryan
Certified Professional Coach

Tara Ryan is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) that is fascinated by human potential and confident that every individual has the ability to live into theirs fully, but to do so, must be in working environments where they are fully supported, seen, and celebrated. Tara spent 11 years in the tech sales space where she didn’t always feel this way, which drove her to create her own coaching and consulting business, Infinidei. Tara is also a Certified Fair Play Facilitator working with clients on creating more equity in their relationships to allow space for their professional and personal goals. WRK/360 is thrilled to have Tara as part of our Coaching Team.

Tara Ryan
Alexandra Neves

Alexandra Neves

Alex Neves has a 20-year career in training and development, mainly in the financial services industry. She is a psychologist, with a specialization in Social and Organizational Psychology and a master’s degree in Human Resources. Alexandra is an ICF certified coach since 2017, and recently specialized in mental health coaching. A mother of 3, Alexandra focus is in helping clients achieve more balanced lives, overcome imposter syndrome and self-sabotaging behaviors, by reframing limiting beliefs and increasing self-knowledge and self-confidence. She is also a Udemy trainer.

Lauren Tetenbaum
Fair Play Facilitator, Licensed Social Worker

Lauren Tetenbaum is a certified perinatal therapist, working parent advocate, and mother of two. She uses her empathy and emotional intelligence to counsel young women and caregivers on topics including gender equity, self-advocacy, and postpartum mental health, and frequently speaks and writes about such issues in the media. Lauren previously spent a decade in the legal industry as an immigration attorney and in personnel roles managing pro bono and professional development programs. She resides outside her native New York City.

Lauren Tetenbaum
Kimmie Opoku

Kimmie Opoku
ICF Certified Coach

Kimmie has over 15 years of experience working in the field of executive management, working one-on-one with C-Suit executives, and leaders by guiding them towards living out more organized lives. Using her wealth of knowledge in how to keep excellent work/life balances, Kimmie has propelled and coached hundreds of individuals.

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