Providing companies the right mix of support to create family-friendly cultures.

For Employers/ Leadership

Consulting on parental policies, childcare benefits, parent ERGs, and leadership trainings to help companies create supportive workplaces for parents

For Working Parents

Online training platform for working parents, personalized support through 1:1 and group coaching for parents.

For Managers / People Leaders

Create cultures to support working parents by training managers to support employees navigating parental leave, return to work and the ongoing work/family juggle.



Companies That Support Parents Have A More Diverse Workforce

50% of millennial moms change their job status after having a baby. 43% of women continue to be pushed out of the workforce completely or into “lesser” roles. It’s draining your leadership pipeline. It’s widening the wage gap and it’s costing time and money. The juggle between work and family is never going away and the need for support is only heightened by COVID-19. The time is now. Create a culture in your organization where parents can thrive personally and professionally.


You have a baby AND a career.

Just because you became a parent doesn’t mean you want to give up your professional ambition. Get the right support so you (and your family) can thrive.

Who's in our WRK/360 Network?

Our curated network features the most trusted, supportive, and experienced professionals who value working with parents like you. We know that because we individually vet every member. Read more about our process here.

Who’s in our network? For starters:

  • Working Parent Coaches
  • Parenting Specialists
  • Finance Coaches
  • Accountants, CPAs, and Tax Experts
  • Financial Advisors & Planners
  • Estate Planning Attorneys
  • Licensed Therapists

Jenna Blackmon

Family Law & Mediation Attorney

Are you a professional provider?

We're proud of the strong network we've built. We're invite-only and screen every applicant to ensure that they share our values, advocate for their clients, and see clients as more than just a dollar sign. Sound like you? We're always looking for great professionals, with a focus on sole practitioners and small firms looking to serve individuals.